MAC – Ministerial Appointments Committee

This committee is composed of the bishop as chair, the superintendent as vice-chair, one ordained elder and two lay members.  The role of this committee is to appoint pastors, monitor progress and make pastoral leadership changes as necessary.

Current MAC Members:  Bishop Matt Thomas, Supt. Matt Whitehead, Jim Harbour, Darlene Hartley, Angela MacPherson, Geoff Smith

MEG – Ministerial Education and Guidance Board

The Board is comprised of Superintendent Whitehead, three Ministerial Appointment Committee members, and ten Ministerial Education and Guidance Board Members.  The members are a mix of pastors and lay persons.  It is the responsibility of this Board to “carefully screen candidates for reception into the conference or advancement in conference relation or ordination, [and to] guide and counsel those who are received, that they may be able to meet all the demands of their holy office.” 

Current MEG Board members: Bishop Matt Thomas, Supt. Matt Whitehead,  Trish Beagle, Kim Castelo, Celeste Cranston, Tom Froula, Jim Harbour, Darlene Hartley,George Houston, Angela MacPherson, Van Manivanh, Mark Morrison,  Henriet Schapelhouman, Geoff Smith, Kyle Welstad