Homiletics Course

  • Next date:  TBD
  • Questions? Contact Geoff Smith at the PNWC office 206.231.5003 or EMAIL Geoff

Description: This course is designed to give a full and practical introduction to the craft of preaching. This will involve an examination of what preaching is and why we do it, how we use the Bible in preaching, principles of sermon construction, as well as a preaching lab involving the delivery of sermons in a class setting.

Course Objectives

  • This course will increase my conviction that the biblical text is the basic foundation for preaching.
  • This course will help me grow in my ability to frame coherent and biblical sermon content.
  • This course will help me improve my delivery skills.
  • This course will help me increase my skills in evaluating my own preaching/speaking.

Course Requirements

  • Reading of required texts along with a two page reflection on the readings.
  • Attendance and active participation at each session of the class.
  • A sermon manuscript, to be emailed to the instructor by December 5, 2015.
  • A second sermon to be delivered at the final weekend.
  • Approximately three hours with a “preaching mentor,” learning from his/her practice of preparing and delivering sermons plus another three hours listening to taped or video sermons.

Required Texts (Published books available on amazon.com)