BOA – Board of Administration

The Board is comprised of the PNWC Superintendent, PNWC Treasurer (ex officio), and eight Board of Administration members. The members are a mix of pastors and lay persons.  It is the responsibility of the Board to, “care for routine business and items specifically delegated to it by the conference, and to give strategic planning attention to such ministries as world missions, Christian discipleship, church planting and social action.  It may assign individuals, form task forces and create standing committees to carry out the ministries deemed appropriate for the health and growth of the church.”

Current BOA members:    Jennifer Black, Arnie Brann (Treasurer), Jeanette Fiess, Scott Hemberry, Mark Mason (Chair), Morgan MacPherson, Cindy Patterson, Ben Sigman, Barbara Warner, Supt. Matt Whitehead.

FTF – Financial Task Force

The PNWC Financial Task Force serves as a financial resource team for the PNWC Board of Administration.  The members are selected by the PNWC Board of Administration.

Current FTF members:  Arnie Brann (PNWC Treasurer), Daintry Price, Terry Schaberg, Lee Springer, Cathy Tastad (PNWC Director of Operations)